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Home is where the heart is – or: How to drive L4L by focusing on your customers

In times of annual strategy reviews and budgeting processes, (brand) retail executives ask themselves how to drive sales. Is the right thing to increase marketing spending to drive brand building and awareness or is it better to focus on frequency and conversion rate? In retail, home truly is where the heart is. Before you start […]


Retail KPI Thought – Window Footfall

Germany has 45 million affluent consumers between the ages of 20 and 49 years, a large target group to pull from the sofa to the store. A German high street window (Kemper Top 100) has an average footfall of 8.6 mn p.a: traffic that potentially sees your window. Would you know how many of your […]


Brand Retail – Know your DNA!

Norbert Pühringer & Guido Schild Imagine you are the CFO or Finance Director of a successful wholesale brand – perhaps one that sells home products, or toys, or BBQ grills – and you have a portfolio of more than 40 own and partner stores. You are market leader in your segment, but in the global […]