Find of the month: How to manage shortage or how good can tea cookies be?

They tell in Hong Kong that these cookies are outstanding. Besides a great product it looks like this supplier knows to manage shortage.

China 1

There is only one place in Hong Kong where these cookies can be bought. No matter what time and what weather there are always hundreds of people, often from mainland China, that are queuing around the block to load their suitcases with these delicious cookies. Resellers are not served and even fakes seem to be offered on the street.

China 2

May this inspire how scarcity can drive desire and brand building. But remember we have seen this phenomenon in our industry with Abercrombie & Fitch (s. our earlier A&F Acid Test) too. And it showed that in the long run one cannot fool the customer. It needs more than a show.


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Autor:Marcus Sewtz

Corporate Developer with Team Retail Excellence

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