Outlet Survival KPI

Retail KPI€10k/m² sales performance is benchmark for the majority of European brands. With this performance the majority of shopping centre manager would offer their best centre locations – if the centre is downtown! Due to the outlet shopping boom and limited space availability more often €10k/m² are just not good enough to let you stay in a premium outlet centre. If you want to be “safe” you should have the ambition to show up in the top tier if you compare your sales performance with the other outlet tenants. So keep on managing your outlet top line performance by optimising your assortment structure (e.g. special outlet collections), merchandise flow, VM and store operations. Who would have thought that by now €10k/m² of sales performance can give many retail managers such a headache?

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Kategorien: English, Intrapreneurship, Retail KPIs, Strategie

Autor:Marcus Sewtz

Corporate Developer with Team Retail Excellence

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