Top 10 Online Shopping Experiences

Are you experienced online shopper, tired to hear why Amazon´s “1click“ shopping experience is best practice, in an otherwise boring shop? You can´t stand another online study about booming online retail, while your personal shopping experience is rather not dull?

10 years after the first online stores, early „kick & rush low quality openings“ and web 2.0 dynamics of the last years, we wanted to feel and see how is the 2012 online consumer experience, when we enter shops, when we consider a buy. We interviewed friends and family, researched, browsed  a few days and developed a decent overview on the status of European online retail.

Yes, still many are stuck in their early web 1.0 childhood, but some show excellent online features, demonstrate online shopper experience can be very intense, positive and convenient. Some experiences are close to excellent brick and mortar experiences, some add great service features for their high street stores.

As „excellent experience” isn´t  something you can describe, we save you from many words: Simply go browse yourself, feel the difference to Amazon or some of your other favourite sites (But hurry up, with the pace of internet change, some of our favourite links maybe outdated by the time you visit).

In the category.. … our Oscar (C) goes to …
Community Asos. GBR … for  “live community feed of shopping experiences, regardless whether it is our products
Availability Esprit, SAR/GER … for “click free checking, their on shelf availability while checking the dressing dressing room
Store Locator Adidas. GER … for the “excellent store locator, including wholesale POS, retail & outlets alike
Environment Ikea. SWE … for “showing us 1 week forecast of sales & stock in “my Ikea” (and saving us from previously useless drives, frustration and spending money for something else)
Consumer Freedom Zalando. GER … for their  “100 days return policy, right in time before next season goes on sale, and we need new hip shoes”
Dressing Room H & M. SWE … for their  “360 changing room, for allowing to pick a personal mannequin, dressing it fancy and layered!”
Early Bird Technology Zugara.USA … for being  “one of the first in augmented dressing room reality” (We only wish they grow up and get more fashion customers than Barbie)
Heritage & Tradition Hornbach. GER … for their “Project Stammtisch, and sharing with us the quality of „Stammtisch“ discussions online on personal DIY projects, i.e. how to rescue our wild bees
Courage Asos. GBR … for being  “brave and allowing consumers to present their own stylish products”
Multimedia Mix Globetrotter.GER … for “teaching hardcore outdoories to become online shoppers by providing full fledge online media mix”

We almost forgot Amazon:  A Oscar (c) for “consumer intimacy” will go to Seattle in 2013, if they learn online shops are used from various family members, and we don’t like the concept of  „looked up lately“ and that our kids see what we browsed in store for Christmas.

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